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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does it mean to "post" a book?

To "post" a book is simply to submit the information of a specific book onto the website, much like classified advertisements or flyers on a message board.  You get to keep your book until someone buys it.
Does it cost money to post books on PimpMyBook.com?
No.  It does not cost any money to post book information to the website.
Does it cost money to sell books on PimpMyBook.com?

No, PimpMyBook.com is totally free and does not charge any commission or fees.  However, PayPal does charge a small transaction fee which is deducted from the seller's earnings.
The fee is approximately $0.30 + 2-3% of the transaction.

What if my name, email address, or home city changes?
Click on the link under your information that says [change info].
How do I change my password?
Click on the link under your information that says [change info].
What if I forgot my username or password?
You can enter either your username or your email, and PimpMyBook will send your password to your email address.  It is important to keep your specified email address up to date in order to be alerted when you have sold a book.
What if I change my mind about selling a book?
You can always delete a posted book from your account by clicking the link that says [delete] next to that book.
What do I do when I have sold a book?
You will receive an email alerting you of your book sale and the contact information of the buyer.  YOU MUST CONFIRM your agreement to deliver your book within 7 days of the book sale.   In order to confirm, just follow the directions in that email that include a link to a printable shipping label with shipping instructions.  Clicking on that link will tell PimpMyBook.com that you have confirmed your intent to deliver the book.  After you ship the book and the buyer receives it, they buyer will leave feedback, confirming the complete deliver, which will prompt PimpMyBook.com to send you your money via PayPal to your email.  When that happen, whether you have PayPal or not, you will receive and email from PayPal telling you that you have received money and it is sitting in your new PayPal account.  There are many easy and free ways of withdrawing your money into your bank account or into cash.
How can I trust a seller?
You don't need to!  If the seller is lazy, has changed their email, or is dead, and they don't confirm their agreement to deliver within 5 days of your purchase, you get all of your money back and that seller is deleted along with all of their books.
Why are these books so cheap?  What's the catch?
Books on PimpMyBook.com are so cheap because they are trying to be sold by college students who just want to get rid of their old books that they don't need anymore.  In addition, PimpMyBook as a "competition program" the alerts the seller when someone has posted the same book for less money.  This creates competition among sellers in order to keep prices down!
What method can I use to pay for a book

Purchase your textbook easily, safely, and securely with PimpMyBook.com's PayPal integration.  You don't need to have a PayPal account.  Just use your credit or check card to pay on a secured server page under the protection of PayPal.

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